Events Calendar

Major annual events in Maebashi

◆ All Japan Corporate Marathon Relay Race
  (New Year’s Ekiden Road Relay)(January 1st.)
All Japan Corporate Marathon Relay Race 
About 30 teams from all over the country compete running the road course that is over 100 kilometers in relay. They are leading runners in Japan, and many people cheer the race on the sidelines. It starts from and ends in front of the prefectural office.

◆ Hatsuichi (First Market of New Year) Festival(January 9th)
Hatsuichi Festival 
The Hatsuichi market originally comes from the daily goods and silk market that were held on the fourth and ninth of every month. Halting traffic on Route 50, there are more than a thousand stalls that sell Daruma dolls, garden plants and so on, and the market gets crowded with many people.

◆ Maebashi City Marathon(Late April)
Maebashi City Marathon 
It’s a half marathon race that starts from the Green Dome. Everyone can participate in the race, and a few thousands people from Maebashi gather from all over the country.

◆ Maebashi Rose Garden Festival (Mid-May)
Maebashi Rose Garden Festival 
About 7,000 roses with over 600 varieties in the Rose Garden of Shikishima Park bloom beautiful flowers. Various activities such as a flower market and a concert are also held.

◆ Star Festival(Weekend around July 7th)
Star Festival”Tanabata”
Main shopping streets of Maebashi are decorated with Tanabata decorations of several themes. Many stalls are also opened and streets get crowded with many people.

◆ Maebashi Fireworks Display(the second Saturday of August)
Maebashi Fireworks Display
Over 15000 fireworks are shot up from the Shikishima green space beside the Tone River. They beautifully color the night sky of Maebashi in rainbow colors.

◆ Maebashi Festival(Weekend around October 10th)
Maebashi Festival 
It originally started as a festival for the national reconstruction after the war. Today, it has become a city festival in which many companies and organizations in the city participate. On the main shopping streets, people parade Mikoshi (portable shrine) and floats, and drum and fife bands and wind bands also march in a parade. “Maebashi Danbee Dance” is also performed by a few thousands people.

◆ Lighting up of Hirose River(Late November to January)
Lighting up of Hirose River 
  The Hirose River, which flows through the center of the city, is illuminated with eighty thousands electric bulbs. During the period, several activities are held such as a concert on the Sakutaro Bridge.

**Go to the website of the Maebashi City for detailed information about activities (in English):
homepage Website of Maebashi City(English)

**Go to the website of the Maebashi International Association for information about cross-cultural activities (in Japanese):
homepage Website of Maebashi International Association(Japanese)

National Holidays

Holiday Date Meaning
New Year’s Day January 1st To celebrate the beginning of a year
Coming-of Age Day Second Monday of January To celebrate those who have turned 20 years old for their coming of age.
National Foundation Day February 11th To commemorate the foundation of the country and cultivate patriotic feelings.
Spring Equinox Day  ** Spring equinox day To be grateful for nature and love living beings.
Greenery Day April 29th To get close to nature, be grateful for the benefits which nature has bestowed upon us, and nurture a rich spirit.
Constitution Day May 3rd To commemorate the enactment of the Constitution of Japan and wish for national growth.
Children’s Day May 5th To respect children’s personality, make efforts for their happiness, and thank their mothers.
Marine Day Third Monday of July To be grateful for the benefits which the ocean has bestowed upon us and wish the maritime country, Japan, for its prosperity.
Respect - for - senior - citizens Day Third Monday of September To respect senior citizens for having been contributing to the society for many years, and wish for their long lives.
Autumnal Equinox Day ** Autumnal equinox day To respect our ancestry and commemorate those who are dead.
Sports Day Second Monday of October To enjoy playing sports and become healthy in body and mind.
Culture Day November 3rd To love freedom and peace, and promote culture.
Labor Thanksgiving Day November 23rd To have respect for work and celebrate production with respect to one another.
Emperor’s Birthday December 23rd To celebrate the emperor’s birthday

** Spring  Equinox  Day : One of the 24 seasons of the year that is around March 21st when the lengths of day and night are almost equal.
**Autumnal Equinox Day:  One of the 24 seasons of the year that is around September 23rd when the lengths of day and night are almost equal.

* When a holiday falls on a Sunday, its next day becomes a substitute holiday.
* When the previous or next day of May 4th is a national holiday, it also becomes a holiday.