Counseling and Information Service

Counseling Service in Maebashi for Foreign Nationals

◆  Maebashi International Association
  Counselors who can speak foreign languages give appropriate advices for your problems.
Phone:027 (898) 5965 (Only during counselling hours)

Languages & Date:
Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and EnglishMonday 13:00-17:00
Thursday 9:00-13:00

Place: 2nd Floor, Maebashi City Office
Maebashi International Association
**As for the counseling in English, you can contact:
Cultural Policy Department
5th Floor, Maebashi City Office
Mon-Thu 8:30-17:15/Fri 8:30-11:30
Phone: 027 (898) 6516

◆  Gunma International Association
Phone:027 (243) 7271

Languages & Date:
Mon-Fri   8:30〜17:00

Place: 3rd Floor, Gunma Kaikan
Gunma International Association

Telephone Information Services in Foreign Languages

◆  Immigration Information Center
  Immigration authorities set up “Immigration Information Center”, and answer inquiries at the counters or by phone. Assistance is available not only in Japanese but in foreign languages (English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.).

Tokyo: 5-5-30 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 〒108-0075
Phone:03 (5796) 7112

Yokohama: 10-7 Torihama-cho, Kazawa-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 〒236-0002
Phone:045 (769) 0230

◆  NTT East Information
  Operators who can speak English or other languages answer inquiries for non-Japanese speakers.
Phone:0120 (364) 463 (Toll free)

Hours:Mon- Fri 9:00-17:00
(Closed national holidays, and year-end and New Year’s holidays)

**See the page of “Telephones” for detailed information about telephone.

homepage Link to the page of “Telephones”

homepage Link to the website of NTT(English)

◆  As for tourist information, you can go to the following tourist information centers for foreign nationals:
◇  Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO)
Phone:03 (3201) 3331

homepage Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO)
**In English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Hangul, French, etc.

◇  Tourist Information Centers (TIC)
Narita Airport Phone:0476 (34) 5877
Kansai Airport Phone:0724 (56) 6025

◆  MIA Multilingualism Counseling
(Musashino International Association:MIA)
Telephone counseling service for foreign nationals.
Phone:0422 (56) 2922

Languages & Date:
SpanishTue-Sat 9:00-17:00
Chinese4th Thu 9:00-17:00
English /
Tue-Sat 9:00-17:00
RussianFirst Thu 14:00-16:00
NorwegianSecond Thu 14:00-16:00
GermanThird Tue 14:00-16:00
SwahiliThird Wed 14:00-16:00
Tamil / Hindi4th Fri 14:00-16:00

◆  Metropolitan Police Department, Community Safety Bureau, Community Safety Consultation Center
Phone:03 (3503) 8484

Languages & Date:
English, Chinese, Other8:30-17:00
**When you need to receive consultation in the following languages, you must contact the department in advance:
Spanish, Cantonese, Thai, Hangul, French, German, Farsi (Persian), Urdu, Tagalog and Russian

◆  Ota Citizens’ Network(OCNet)
  You can get counseling about all kinds of matters.
Phone:03 (6424) 9103

Languages & Date:
EnglishThu  13:00-20:00 /
Sat  13:00-17:00
You need to make an appointment in advance if you need assistance in Chinese, Hangul, Thai, Russian, Urdu, etc.

◆  Tokyo Metropolitan Government Consultation Service for Foreign Nationals
  They give advices on daily life such as immigration-related matters, marriage, nationality and job. The service is available either over the telephone or by in-person, and is free of charge.

Address:3rd Floor, First Main Building of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, 2-8-1 Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Languages & Date:
03 (5320) 7744
03 (5320) 7700
03 (5320) 7766
Tue, Fri
03 (5320) 7755
03 (5320) 7730

◆  Human Rights Counseling Center for Foreign Nationals
  Commissioners for the Protection of Fundamental Human Rights counsel mainly about human rights problems. To protect the inquirer’s human right, they won’t directly accuse even if he/she is involving in illegal acts such as working illegally. It’s free of charge.

Address:1-1-15 Kudan Dai 2 Godo Chosha 12F, Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Phone:03 (5213) 1372

Languages & Date:
English, GermanTue, Thu 13:30-16:00
ChineseMon 13:30-16:00

homepage Website of Civil Liberties Bureau of Ministry of Justice

◆  Legal Counseling Center
  Counseling is available on visa status, nationality, international marriage and divorce, international economic cases, and matters about Japanese law in general such as civil, labor and criminal cases involving non-Japanese speakers.

Address:Bar Association Bldg. 3rd fl., 1-1-3 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Counseling Fee:Counseling is charged as a general rule. 5000yen plus consumption tax within 30 minutes. 2500yen (plus tax) is charged for every 15 minutes after the first 30 minutes.

Languages & Date:
Japanese, EnglishMon-Fri  9:30-15:00
ChineseMon, Tue, Thu, Fri 13:00-16:00

Contact:03 (3581) 2302(Tape Guidance in Chinese or English)
**If you make a reservation:03 (3581) 1511(only in Japanese)

Go to the Web Site
homepage Legal Counseling Center (English)

homepage Legal Counseling Center (Chinese:Beijing)

homepage Legal Counseling Center (Japanese)

◆  Japan Student Services Organization “Information Center”
  It has plenty of the latest resources about Japanese educational institutions, especially universities.
It provides free consultation either by telephone or in-person. You need to make an appointment in advance.

Address:2-2-1 Oume, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Phone:03 (5520) 6141

Languages & Date:Japanese,English/Daily 9:30-17:00
(Except the second Wednesday, Golden Week holidays, and year-end and New Year’s holidays)