Maebashi International Association (MIA)

Maebashi International Association (MIA)

  They conduct various projects with the help of volunteers such as offering lectures that promote the internationalization of the citizen, promoting the cultural exchange with other countries, and supporting foreign residents.

Main Projects:
*Foreign Languages Classes
They offer beginners’ and intermediate classes on English, Chinese, Hangul, Spanish and Italian.
*Japanese Classes
homepage See HERE for details:Daily Living
*Counseling Service for Foreign Nationals
homepage See HERE for details:Counseling and Information Service
*Lectures on learning and practicing international exchange volunteer (Courses on coexistence in a multicultural world and international understanding).
*Cultural exchange with foreign residents, people from the sister city, and so on.
*Dispatching interpreters
*Arranging home-stays for foreigners

Maebashi International Association (MIA)
1F Maebashi City Office Staff Training Hall
(“Shokuin Kensyu Kaikan”)
1-5-2 Hon-machi, Maebashi 〒371-0023
Phone:027 (243) 7788
Maebashi International Association (MIA)

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Gunma Tourism International Association

  They conduct projects that promote the internationalization of residents of Gunma: counseling service on several topics, support for foreign residents such as the foreign exchange students support project, providing information regarding internationalization and publishing an information magazine, and support for international exchange and cooperating organizations.

Main Activities:
*Running of Translation Center (Languages available in English, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese)
*Setting of International Library
homepage See HERE for details:Facilities
*Supporting international exchange volunteer activities
*Measures for unpaid medical bills of foreign nationals

Gunma Tourism International Association
3F Gunma Kaikan,
2-1-1 Ote-machi, Maebashi 〒371-0026
Phone:027 (243) 7271
Gunma International Association (GIA)

homepage Gunma Tourism International Association(Japanese/English/Chinese/Korean)


Organization Main Projects Address Phone
Social Welfare Corporation Akatsuki-no-mura Francisco-no-machi Support for Vietnam refugees. 448-3 Nishiomuro-machi, Maebashi
I.A.E.A.JAPAN (International Agricultural Exchanges Association Japan) Farmers’ exchange projects. Doel Aoyagi II-203 521 Aoyagi-machi, Maebashi
Gunma Blue eye’s Dolls Friendship Exchange Club Exchanges through blue eye’s dolls. 1-8-9 Otone-machi,
Gunma Esperanto Club Spread of Esperanto. 10-27 Shimoshinden-machi, Maebashi〒371-0822
Email : hori-zonto
Gunma International Agricultural Youth Conference Cooperation of dispatching farmers overseas, and their exchange projects. 5F Gunma-ken “Kousha Sougou “Building,
1-10-7 Owatari-machi, Maebashi〒371-0854
Gunma Regional Conference of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers Support for Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers. Federation of Gunma pref Chambres Commerce and Industry
3-3-1 Ote-machi, Maebashi〒371-0026
Gunma Japan- Korea Friendship Association Promoting the cultural exchange between Japan and Korea. Federation of Gunma pref Chambres Commerce and Industry
3-3-1 Ote-machi, Maebashi〒371-0026
Gunma Student Exchange Promotion Council Support for foreign students. Gunma University Student Exchange Section,
4-2 Aramaki-machi Maebashi-shi 〒371-0015
Soroptimist International of Maebashi An international organization for women that promotes volunteer activities which will raise the status of women and encourage respect for human rights. 2-16-3 Mikawa-cho, Maebashi〒371-0015 224-3053
Japan-Poland Friendship Association Promoting the cultural exchange between Japan and Poland. 889-1 Higashikatakai-machi, Maebashi〒371-0012
Email :
Okun Club Support for orphan children in Cambodia and other countries. 1-8-14 Ote-machi, Maebashi〒371-0026 243-6322
Polival Club Scholarship support for children in Bangladesh. 1-8-14 Ote-machi, Maebashi〒371-0026 243-6322
Maebashi UNESCO Association International exchange and bus study tours for international understanding. Life Learning Division Department of Education, Maebashi City Office,
Maebashi Plaza Genki 21
2-12-1 Hon-machi, Maebashi〒371-0023
NPO Cuddly Bear Den in Japan International exchange through teddy bears. 1222-27 Taguchi-machi, Maebashi〒371-0048 234-7198
NPO Asian Exchange Association Educational support for East Asian countries, support for foreign students in Japan, dispatching Japanese-language teachers, and exchange program with children. 364-3 Arakuchi-machi, Maebashi〒379-2107
Web Site : Asian
Exchange Association

Email : asian-npo@
Mindan Gunma Regional Office Korea-Japan people exchange. 479-5 Furuichi-machi, Maebashi〒371-0844 251-2328
Gunma Regional Alumni Association of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers International exchange promoted by experienced members. 990-1 Aramaki-machi, Maebashi〒371-0044