Shopping / Restaurants


■  Stores that members of Maebashi International Association often use

◆  Department Stores
Store Name Address Telephone Note
Suzuran Maebashi 4-7-3 Chiyoda-machi, Maebashi 233-1111 Its basement food floor is well-stocked with merchandise.

◆  Supermarkets/ Groceries
Store Name Address Telephone Note
Marshe Maebashi 1-20-19 Minami-cho, Maebashi 243-0578 It’s well-stocked with international ingredients.
FRESSAY Aramaki 835 Aramaki-machi, Maebashi 234-8326 It’s well-stocked with ingredients of international cuisines. It has seven other stores in the city.
Clas:D Wakamiya 1-5-1 Wakamiya-cho, Maebashi 210-3777 It’s well-stocked with imported snacks/sweets from around the world.
Takiyama Seika 745 Aramaki-machi, Maebashi 231-3789 Vegetables and fruits are sold in low price.
Kakujoe Gyorui Maebashi 775-7 Aramaki-machi, Maebashi 235-0711 It has a wide variety of fishes and seafood.
Kukku Y Mebashi 718 Aramaki-machi, Maebashi 260-1020 It is well-stocked with ingredients for business use.
Delicious Rokku 97-1 Rokku-machi, Maebashi 226-7778 It sells good daily dishes.
Kanai Seika Sengyo 1-10-12 Mitsumata-machi, Maebashi 221-6422 It offers reasonably low price, and is popular among Asian nationals and restaurant owners.

◆  Farm Products Stand
Store Name Address Telephone Note
JA Maebashi Yuai-kan 2400-1 Tomida-machi, Maebashi 261-5811 They sell a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, and also sell good home-baked breads.

◆  Shopping Centers
Store Name Address Telephone Note
BEISIA Maebashi Mall 679-1 Kamiizumi-machi, Maebashi 232-2500 It’s fully stocked with reasonable merchandise in the large store space.
Keyaki Walk Maebashi 2-1-1 Bunkyo-cho, Maebashi 220-5511 A large shopping mall with over 150 specialty stores.

◆  Clothing
Store Name Address Telephone Note
UNIQLO Amagawaosima 1-2-1 Amagawaoshima-machi, Maebashi 220-5414 They sell good quality clothing in low price.
g.u. Maebashi Sekine 247-1 Sekine-machi, Maebashi 230-1510

◆  Daily Goods
Store Name Address Telephone Note
Matsumoto - Kiyoshi Sekine 338 Sekine-machi, Maebashi 233-6976 It has its two other stores in the city.
Toy & Doll Kuroda 2-7-17 Chiyoda-machi, Maebashi 231-2451 It sells toys with which both children and adults can enjoy.
Hirota Tool Box 4-14-7 Nishikatakai-cho, Maebashi 243-1835 It’s amazingly well-stocked with stuffs that are used for home repairs.
Humpty Dumpty Mebashi 198 Aoyagi-machi, Maebashi 260-1233 It has a variety of imported goods that perfectly suit for gifts.
Humpty Dumpty Motosoja 823 Motosoja-machi, Maebashi 255-1220
Siroganeya Maebashi 5-1-14 Chiyoda-machi, Maebashi 233-2290 Medicines, cosmetics, and daily goods are offered in low prices. It has five other stores in the city.
Yokoyama Kouki Seisakusyo Map Shop 2-7-24 Chiyoda-machi, Maebashi 231-5625  
Inoue Vinyl 3-11-7 Mitsumata-machi, Maebashi    

◆  Electronic Products
Store Name Address Telephone Note
YAMADA Tec Land 4-37-1 Hiyoshi-cho, Maebashi 233-5767 It has a good selection of merchandises that are sold in reasonable prices. If you earn points, you can get discount on them.
YAMADA PC & Multimedia 4-14-3 Hiyoshi-cho, Maebashi 235-2266

◆  Book/ CD/ DVD
Store Name Address Telephone Note
Bookman’s Academy 2-3-1 Owatari-machi, Maebashi 280-3322 It has many selections of specialized books, and is convenient in that you can search a book.
YAMADA PC & Multimedia 4-14-13 Hiyoshi-cho, Maebashi 235-2266 It’s affiliated with Yamada Denki Co., Ltd., and you can earn points even when you purchase books or stationery.


◆  Japanese
Store Name Address Telephone Note
Kohukutey Uthiyama 261-3 Kameizumi-machi, Maebashi 264-0951 It might be better to make advance reservations.
Tenpei 662-3 Aramaki-machi, Maebashi 235-1186 It serves good sashimi.
Hotel Sanderson Kawahan 3-12-2 Ishikura-machi, Maebashi 251-5151 It’s an easygoing restaurant with a wonderful view. Its lunch menu is recommended.
Saijiki 2-7-23 Chiyoda-machi, Maebashi 235-4272 It’s a store of serving dishes and sweets.
Torikyu 5-3-3 Chiyoda-machi, Maebashi 232-6627 It serves many kinds of skewered grilled chickens.
Hamazen 1-12-6 Mikawa-cho, Maebashi 253-5853 It serves good sashimi.
Kokoroya 529-1 Kitasirota-machi, Maebashi 234-7151 It’s a neat and easygoing bar.
Enza 1-20-8 Odomo-machi, Maebashi 280-5200 It has very Japanese atmosphere. Lunch menu comes with a cake for women.

◆  Buckwheat Noodles/ Wheat Noodles
Store Name Address Telephone Note
Ninja Soba Goemon 1-44-18 Mitsumata-machi, Maebashi 243-5339 It’s recommended to eat at the counter.

◆  Sushi
Store Name Address Telephone Note
Sushi Nakazawa 4-6-1 Chiyoda-machi, Maebashi 237-3451 You can enjoy their fresh ingredients in an easygoing atmosphere.

◆  Chinese
Store Name Address Telephone Note
Gunma Royal Hotel Sakuhu 1-9-7 Ote-machi, Maebashi 223-6111 Their rice porridge menu is recommended to try.

◆  Italian
Store Name Address Telephone Note
SHANGO Mebashi Isikura 5-12-3 Ishikura-machi, Maebashi 0120-537765 It has a variety of menu, and is recommended to try its seasonal special menu.
SHANGO Mebashi Minami 7-3 Amagawabara-machi, Maebashi 0120-237765
SHANGO Tobu Bypass 4-14-18 Wakamiya-machi, Maebashi 0120-347712
Langosta North 36-10 Kitashirota-machi, Maebashi 235-5555 They adjust the hot flavor of Pepperoncino spaghetti as you like.
Cafe Italian Mariza 757-1 Aramaki-machi, Maebashi 260-6001 Parfaits are recommended.
SPAZIO AZZURRO 1-24-6 Iwagami-machi, Maebashi 235-0753 It’s a cozy hideaway-like restaurant.
Quarto Angelo 43-8 Ryuzozi-machi, Maebashi 231-3610 They bake pizzas in a stone kiln. Their pastry chef’s cakes taste good, too.

◆  French
Store Name Address Telephone Note
Auberge Mont’-Op LongSand-Hotel 1F 2-4-1 Ishikura-machi, Maebashi 0120-038391 Its lunch course is highly recommended. It serves home-baked breads and green powdered tea.

◆  Indian
Store Name Address Telephone Note
NEW DELHI MAHATOMA 2-2-3 Omote-cho, Maebashi 223-0945  
NEW DELHI MAMUTARGE 2-21-17 Bunkyo-cho, Maebashi 224-2500  

◆  Fusion
Store Name Address Telephone Note
TOO CUTE 4-10-4 Chiyoda-machi, Maebashi 237-0240 It serves their original fusion dishes. The buffet lunch is recommended.

◆  Ramen Noodles
Store Name Address Telephone Note
Jhan Jhan Ramen 3-6-12 Chiyoda-machi, Maebashi 233-0052 It serves great pork bones soup.

◆  Korean Barbecue
Store Name Address Telephone Note
Gyukaku Maebashi Iwagami 4-3-5 Iwagami-machi, Maebashi 235-4129 It serves a variety of special dishes.

◆  Cafes
Store Name Address Telephone Note
DOWN BEAT 2-2-20 Hon-machi, Maebashi 233-4856 It offers live jazz every Monday night.
Cafe de Camel 5-4-8 Nishikatakai-machi, Maebashi 224-0801 It serves a wide variety of dishes. Especially, their pasta is highly recommended.

◆  Bars
Store Name Address Telephone Note
Dickens Takano-Building 4-11-19 Chiyoda-machi, Maebashi 235-2778 British-style.