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Ceremonial Occasions

When You are Invited to a Wedding

1.  A wedding invitation card encloses a reply card. Return it to notify whether you can attend the wedding or not at your earliest convenience.
Writing Example When Replying Your Attendance:
Attendance Attendance

* When you reply to an invitation that you cannot attend the wedding, write words expressing your apology and the reason for your absence. If you cannot go because a member of your family is sick or some other personal reasons, you don’t have explain specifically and can just write “Tsugo ni yori (for personal reasons)”.
Writing Example of Replying Your Absence:

When You Cannot Make It After Replying Your Attendance:
Apologize to the person who are inviting you to a wedding, and tell his/her that you cannot attend.

2.  Celebration
* When you attend a wedding, put money in an special envelope for a wedding congratulatory gift (an envelope with red-and-white string for congratulatory gifts) and bring it there. The amount of the money should be around 20000-30000yen for friends.

* The fee for attending a wedding is already decided in advance, you should only pay it.

* Sometime, there’s an occasion that you give an additional goods or money that’s worth of the goods as a going-away gift.
Writing Example of Envelope:

When You Attend a Funeral

* “Kokubetsu Shiki (memorial service)” and “Tsuya (wake)”, which is taken place the day before the memorial service, will be held. You can attend both or either services.

* As “Kouden (condolence money for a funeral)”, put money in a special envelope for condolence payment and bring to a funeral. The amount of money should be from 5000yen to 10000yen.

* There’s also a manner called “Shin Seikatsu (new life)” that you pay 1000-2000yen for Kouden, and refuse to accept a present in return for a funeral offering.
Writing Example of Envelope:


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